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A Ray into the Darkness

Do you see it? A window of opportunity amidst the darkness of your situation. A sliver of hope in a dark world of shame, fear, self-loathing, regret, and broken promises. How do I get out, out of this tomb of despair? Do I dare crawl? Do I dare hope? Can I make it out? Have others made it? The light is so small and the darkness so great. Will the window of opportunity close? This is my reality, living in the dark and longing for the light but not knowing how to navigate my way out of the sea of darkness that threatens to bury me.

Who will help me? Who will be my light at the end of that tunnel of shame, past regret, broken promises, and forgotten dreams? Can anyone bring me out of the darkness and restore light to my bleak soul? The fear of the rocky, uncertain journey paralyzes me into inaction. I fear walking towards the light. All I have ever known is darkness, hurt, lies, pain, and the agony of loss. Dark feels normal, comfortable, worthy as the landscape for the backdrop of my troubled soul. How do I move past this spirit of defeatism, fatigue, and this depressive funk, to find the energy to walk towards the light into a door of opportunity?

Who will help me? Can anyone journey with me and show me the way out? The dimly lit path looks treacherous. How do I even walk along a newfound path of restored innocence, hope, potential, and free of shame? That would be true freedom, freedom from the darkness of the barrage of negative thoughts and self-inflicted words given to me by the powers of the dark. Lies spoke to soothe the gaping wounds of a soul consumed by the darkness of my circumstances.

Who will help me open that door of hope, promise, and potential? Can I push it open myself and break free of generational wrongs? Do I dare grasp for the opportunity to walk out of the darkness and into the light?

You can find the answer in the promises of God's word. Our Heavenly Father holds the key to unlock the door of past shame, guilt, fear, regret, self-loathing, and the residue of all that accompanies complex trauma. Let's explore God's truth.

Psalm 46:1 (KJV)

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Psalm 49: 15 (KJV)

But God will redeem my soul from the power of the grave: for he shall receive me, Selah.

Isaiah 55:7 (NIV)

Let the wicked forsake his way and the evil man his thoughts. Let him turn to the Lord, and he will have mercy on him, and to our God, for he will freely pardon.

Acts 3:19 (NIV)

Repent, then, and turn to God so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.

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