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Welcome to
A&K Ranch Ministries, LLC

Everywhere I look children, adults, and animals fill the landscape. A landscape of hope, promise, peace, joy, and love...

Our Mission

A&K Ranch Ministries' mission is to provide a trauma-informed, natural, healing environment to support our community partner agencies. An agricultural venue for holistic healing at affordable prices in a safe, secure location to hold group, Bible study, events, team meetings and more!


Everything Offered at A&K Ranch SWFL

Equine and Animal Assisted Emotional and Spiritual Support
Transformative Places of Quiet Reflection Surrounded by a Natural Healing Environment
A Sense of Community with Faith-Based, Trauma-Focused Group and Bible Study Capability in a Quite, Serene Setting  

A&K Ranch, home of Reflective Spaces Ministry, is a peaceful, safe place to process painful emotions and memories surrounded by God's healing power and presence. Nature and animals create tranquility, unlike any other, in essence, heaven on earth. A place for the renewal of mind, body, and spirit in a holistic approach to healing.

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